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Kotwica 1

I am based in Dubai and open to visiting other Gulf Countries. Below you will find all my away dates. Unless a date is stated here, I am most likely available in Dubai. Here you willl always find an up-to-date calendar of my upcoming tours. In the meantime I am available for exclusive Fly Me To You bookings across the Globe, subject to conditions. For more information see Fly Me to you section in the top menu bar. 

Kotwica 2

When contacting Me, communicate in a respectful & civilised manner. I will not tolerate rudeness or demands

  • I only reply to well written, detailed requests. Do not be surprised about not getting a reply if you’ve written ‘Hello, how are you?’ or ‘I want to be your slave Mistress!’

  • Deposit is required on all sessions. This is a standard practice and will not be negotiated. For purposes of discretion there are multiple anonymous payment methods. I do not accept PayPal. 

  • I require a minimum of 24h notice to arrange a session

  • My session fees are fixed, and non-negotiable. If you cannot afford my fees, I am sure there are plenty of other Professionals who have fees more suitable for your budget. I will not fight to win you over, as I do not need to compete for clients.

  • If you need to reschedule an appointment – it is possible if you notify Me a minimum of 24h prior to it. The deposit is non-refundable but can be transferred to a meeting in the future if you notify me a min of 24h prior to the appointment. If you need to reschedule more than once, you will be asked to pay a deposit again.

  • The deposit will be immediately refunded to you in full if I need to cancel our appointment from my side and you cannot or do not wish to set a new date.

  • I do not accept outfit ‘requests’. I am not a doll for you to dress. I take pride in my style in fetish fashion & if you like what you see in my pictures you will surely appreciate what I choose for our session. A polite way of communicating your interests is mentioning your fetishes, without imposing on me to wear a certain thing. I craft the experiences individually to each submissive so you can be sure that as long as your interests are in line with my style I will honour them.

  • I am selective with whom I play with and will readily refuse a request if it’s not to my liking. If you’d like to have the opportunity to session with Me, try to stand out & bring something interesting to the table

  • I always respect your limits & ask you to do the same. Do not ask Me to perform anything  that is stated as my TABOO or HARD LIMIT. This is disrespectful towards Me but also to yourself, for disrespecting my limits.

  • When contacting Me provide Me with as much information about yourself, your interests & limits

  • As a Dominant, I am responsible for your health & well being during a session. Do not forget to mention any health limitations & hazards or past illness history that you might have. Thisis CRUCIAL for your safety

Kotwica 3

Below, you will find my fees. The amounts are given in USD. It is also possible to pay the equivalent amount in AED. Please bare in mind, these are non-negotiable. If they are outside of your budget, kindly do not contact me or wait until you save up enough to cover my full fee. I do not accept filming slaves or service slaves, I already have more than I need.


  • 1h -  $1000

  • 1h Cuckolding session - $1400


  • 2h minimum - $1800


  • starts at $4,000-$10,000 + flights + hotel


For longer or custom sessions, inquire individually
A professional reference and deposit is required on all sessions.

All the deposits are sent via an anonymous payment method.

Kotwica 4

I have a group of selected Pro-Dominas that I happily collaborate with. If you wish to arrange a duo session, I will be glad to suggest someone based on your interests and limits. This is always subject to their availability, but generally I will be able to arrange that easily if notified in advance. The final fee will depend on the individual pricing of the second Domina, although generally you can expect it to be roughly double of the single session fee.

Kotwica 5

Below, you will find a list of my interests & skills. For me to accept you request, we need to have common interests, this doesn’t mean you have to be able or willing to take it all or even most. As long as your interests don’t go beyond my list, it is fine. I will not perform anything that is unsafe, illegal or things that I am not skilled in. I will also not accept sessions based on practices that I do not enjoy.


  • Impact play (paddling, caning, whipping, flogging, riding crop, single tail whipping)

  • CBT (genitorture) & ballbusting (smacking, kicking, hitting, needles, ball crushers, ball weights, penis plugs, clamps, wax play)

  • Nipple torture (variety of clamps, nipple pumps, needles)

  • Worship and adoration (boots, high heels, latex, leather, legs, feet, tattoos, height)

  • Medical play (urethral sounds, catherers, needles, enemas)

  • Bondage (rope bondage and rope suspension, body bags, latex body bags, belts, handcuffs, cage, full mummification)

  • Sensory deprivation (masks, hoods, blindfolds, body bags, pocket “darkness” contact lenses, Vac-Bed)

  • Humiliation (physical and verbal, dehumanisation, human furniture, degrading tasks, spitting)

  • Slave training (obedience, orders, courtesy, behavioural modifications, routine)

  • Edge play (breath play, needles, smothering, intox, breath control)

  • Foot domination (massages, pedicures, licking, kissing)

  • Boot and high heels fetish and domination

  • Strap-on and slut training

  • Electrotorture

  • Milking Machine (SeriousKit) sessions

  • Selected role-plays (Boss, Military, Cruel Scientist, Doctor, Teacher)

  • Smoking fetish and human ashtray training

  • Cuckolding fantasies

  • Chastity training

Kotwica 6

I am a natural fetishist at heart, below you will find a list of fetishes that I indulge in:

  • Latex (both on myself and the slave) (strong liking for transparent latex)

  • Tattoos

  • Boots (tigh high, ankle boots, laced boots, platform boots)

  • High heels (mainly Louboutin, with some exceptions)

  • Nylons and other fully-fashioned stockings

  • Bi slaves

Kotwica 7

Please read the list of my taboos before applying for a session, to avoid disappointment. I will not change
my mind, so do not ask me to perform these things as it is disrespectful.

  • Scat

  • Vomit

  • Scripting scenarios

  • Rudeness

  • Anything that is unsafe or illegal

  • Practices that cause permanent damage

  • Playing without a safeword

  • Escort services

Kotwica 8

I have my own fully equipped Dungeon in Dubai that I share with my business partner Maya Sin (aka Fatale Eurasian). We have a huge selection of equipment of the highest quality that we imported from Europe. In our Play Space you will find a bondage bed, a cage, a heavy rubber body bag, a milking machine, feminization props and much much more. We have a wide range of high quality dildos and strap-ons of all sizes, corporal punishment implements, chastity devices, latex, ropes, CBT equipment of all sorts.

We maintain highest standards of cleanliness. The whole space is fully sanitized and cleaned after each session. We only use high quality, non toxic disinfectant products. We value visual and believe the atmosphere of the place plays a huge part in creating a fantasy, therefore we decorated our Dungeon with fine erotic art and atmospheric neon lights. 

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