Fly Me to you encounters

I live a rather nomadic lifestyle and very much enjoy travelling. If you cannot see me in my city - Dubai,  there is a possibility of inviting me to visit you in a chosen location, subject to my approval. I will always be willing to travel if the location is new and exciting to me, be it a short-flight away or much farther exotic locations. 

If your schedule doesn't allow you to visit a proper European Dungeon - let me bring the experience to you. I travel with outfits, equipment and what most important - broad experience in the scene working across european Dungeons and also running one of my own. 

Fly Me to you bookings allow for a deep experience, with my attention and focus going exclusively to your training. In between sessions there is also social time that allows me to go deeper into your head, navigate and coach you throughout the process of becoming a better submissive and human being. Last but not least, we will have the time to indulge in common interests and hobbies, which builds mutual trust and respect in a D/s relationship.

For guideline on fees visit the section SESSIONS. Fly Me to you bookings always include covering my 24-72h (depending on the desired length of our encounter) fee + airfare and 5 star hotel accommodation of my choice. A deposit is always required.